rendezvous 2022 event applications
YSR2019 MK PetParadeHowling_F1A4017-sm.jpg

Pet Parade


Make your Furry Friend an online superstar in this year's Pet Parade & Dog Howling Contest.

YR2021 CraftFair__F1A8489-sm_wm.jpg

Cultural craft Fair

02/25 - 02/27

Sign up not to be one of our vendors at the 2022 Cultural craft Fair!

Strength and style.png

Strength and Style

02/11 - 02/27

Sign up and show off your Rendezvous Style and True Yukon Strength!  Now only $10 to enter all categories!

YR2021 WrapUp Parade_F1A9070-sm_wm.jpg

Wrap up Parade


Join Rendezvous characters at the Real Canadian Superstore Wrap Up Parade on Main Street Rendezvous Sunday!

Fashion Challenge Lve Stream.png

Upcycle Fashion Challenge

02/11 - 02/27

Turn Waste into Fashion at this year's Fashion Challenge with online voting and live judging Sunday at the KDCC!

YR2021 CanCans_F1A8459-sm_wm.jpg

Book the Cancan Line

Any Time!

Let our high kicks and Yukon Spirit liven up your event! Book the Air North Yukon Rendezvous Cancan!