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Rendezvous 2021 Schedule

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Main Stage and Kidsfest Schedules Below!

See a listing of events we have starting early February 2021 and running all the way up to the Rendezvous Weekend!  From the Rendezvous Kickoff,  Upcycle Fashion Challenge, Yukon Strength and Style Contest, Fiddle Show and Sourdough Sam Shows!

The Rendezvous Weekend Kicks off on Friday, February 26th, 2021 with Kidsfest in Shipyards Park, The Snow carving Exhibit and our Virtual Performance Stage!

Rendezvous will be in full swing as we continue with more fun on the Open Snowpad with Log Toss and Chainsaw Chuck, and tickets still available for the Virtual Drag Show and make sure you don't miss the Pyro Musical

One more day of Rendezvous action and excitement!  Last day for the Craft Fair, Snow pad and the Snow carving Exhibition and don't Miss the Wrap Up Parade starting at 3!

Performance Stage Schedule feb 16.png
2021 Kidsfest Schedule.png

Please note that event details may change with short notice due to COVID-19. We will endeavour to notify all changes in a timely manner through our website and social media pages.

For information about our event guidelines and

preparations please visit our COVID-19 Festival Info Page

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