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2020/2021 Rendezvous Queen and Court
YSR2020 QFTC Coronation_F1A8761-sm.jpg
2020/2021 Rendezvous Queen
YSR2020 QFTC Coronation_F1A8706-sm.jpg

Brenda Pilatzke

Miss Yukon Arts Centre

2020 Rendezvous Court
YSR2020 QFTC Coronation_F1A8681-sm.jpg

First Princess - Winnie Hoe

Miss Yukon Home and Tour

YSR2020 QFTC Coronation_F1A8674-sm.jpg

Second Princess - Kate McConnell

Miss Asahiya Japanese Restaurant

YSR2020 QFTC Coronation_F1A8655-sm.jpg

Miss Congeniality - Amanda Bourque

Miss Gray Management Services

YSR2020 QFTC Coronation_F1A8643-sm.jpg

People's Princess - Robyn Gillespie

Miss Whisky Jacks Pub and Grill

Klondike Cakes Logo.jpg

Quest for the Crown Presented by Klondike Cakes

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