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2020 Rendezvous Event Results

Quest for the Crown

Presented by: Klondike Cakes


Queen: Miss Yukon Arts Centre, Brenda Pilatzke-Vanier
1st Princess: Miss Yukon Home and Tour, Winnie Hoe 
2nd Princess: Miss Asahiya Japanese Restaurant, Kate McConnell   
Miss Congeniality: Miss Gray Management Services, Amanda Bourque
People's Princess: Miss Whisky Jacks Pub and Grill, Robyn Gillespie 

Call for the Cup

Presented by: Whitehorse Motors

YSR2020 SamKnighting_F1A6938-sm-WM.jpg

Sam: Steamboat Willy, Russell

Runner up: Sam Cherry, John

2nd Runner up: Mountie Sgt Stu, Stu


Presented by: Total Trac Rentals

Night #1: Tattoos and Plank

Best Arm: Amanda Vandenburg

Best Leg: Andrew McKenzie
Best Chest: Andrew McKenzie
Best Story: Patrick Isabelle

Longest Plank: Lisa (Katie) Kasper 

YSR2020 StrenghtsAndStyle Tattoo_F1A3404

Night #2: Hair and Wall SIt

Best Old Growth Beard: Paul Rousseau
Best new Growth Beard: Lynx Face
Best Old Growth Mustache: Dale Van Damme
Hairiest Chest: Farhaat Fazeli
Hairiest Leg: Rebecca Doucet
Hairiest Arm Pit: Jessica Westman

Longest Wall Sit: Carolyn Reardon

YSR2020 StrenghtsAndStyle Hairy_F1A4308-

3rd: Yukon Roller Girls

Community Challenge

Presented by: Ice Wireless

1st: Canadian Armed Forces

YSR2020 ComChallenge_F1A9836-sm-WM.jpg

2nd: A Case of the Runs

YSR2020 ComChallenge_F1A9793-sm-WM.jpg
YSR2020 ComChallenge_F1A9811-sm-WM.jpg

Best Team Spirit: Yukon Roller Girls


Mad/Madam Trapper

Presented by: Lumel Studios

Mad Trapper: Phil Algar

2nd: Lee Goodwin

3rd: Andrew McKenzie

Madam Trapper: Hannah Warrington

2nd: Karina Watson

3rd: Sarah McGrath

Chainsaw Chuck

Presented by: Carstar

Mens: Eric Studerus


Womens: Lindsay Agar


Axe Throw

Presented by: Chieftain Energy

Womens: Hannah Warrington


Mens: David Johnson


Log Toss

Presented by: Wykes, Your Independent Grocer

Mens: Terrence McCallum


Womens: Karina Watson


Swede Saw

Presented by: Builders Supplyland

Mens: Myron Penner


Womens: Karina Watson


Flour Packing

Presented by: Reliable Electric and Communications

Womens: Risa Kennedy 

Mens: Ben Moffatt 

Business Decor Contest

Presented by: Inspired Interiors

Yukon's Choice: Medicine Chest

Pet Parade

Presented by: The Feed Store and Pet Junction

Best Historical Northern Characters: Scout & Ranger w/Owners Bonita & Mike
Best Couple/Group: Mystik & Leia w/Owners Beaupre & Legere
"Coolest" Pup: Atlas w/Owner Juliette Greetham
Northern Lights: Roxy w/Owners Adney & Lucy
Most Creative/Handmade: Caribou w/Owners Larissa & Kristen Sinclair

Dog Howling

Presented by: The Feed Store and Pet Junction

1st Place: Gunner w/Owner Tiffany MacDonald
2nd Place: Roski w/Owner Mavis Fulmer
3rd Place: Charlie w/Owner Tracey

Rendezvous Raffle Results.png
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