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Rendezvous 2019 Sam Candidates

Old Man Sam

Sponsored By Cadence Cycle

Old Man Sam, one of the first men to make his way across the Chilkoot Trail, is as sexy now as his first days here in the Yukon. He got to the Yukon before anyone even knew there was even gold in ‘them there hills. He spent a great deal of his early life sitting around with his gold pan wondering where everybody was. By the time the gold rush happened, he had moved on to new hobbies of whittlin’ and writing off-the-cuff poetry. In between his more and more frequent senior moments, he reminisces about his first days. As a homage to these glory days, Old Man Sam makes the trek over the pass every year; the only difference now that the Reaper is calling, is he generally gets to Bennett on Wednesday and his testicles arrive of Friday...


Russell The Love Muscle

Sponsored By Yukon Brewing Co


It is written in The New Chestiment that one day a Sam will appear who brings gainz to all those who will listen to his word. That Sam was born Russell The Love Muscle, sonn of the Mountain and The Bearded Lady. Conceived in The Iron Temple and birthed in a squat rack, The Love MUSCLE WAS BLESSED BY THE Allspotter himself.  The Love Muscle began to pray at the Iron Temple daily, performing prayers of 5 reps for 5 sets in the swoliest of lifts, the squat, the bench, and the deadlift. Like a diamond in the rough, he slowly carved his once soft body into one which may one day enter the blessed halls of Swolehalla, feeling the Swoley Spirit enter him with each rep he performed. To this day , The Love  Muscle continues his journey to bring awareness of the word of Brodin, and that is why he comes before you as a Sam!! Wheymen


Sam Pool

Sponsored By Canada Flooring Ent

Hi I am Captain Sam-Pool..... No, just Sam-Pool. I figured it was time for a little break from fighting mutants and cyborgs, spend a little time back home and show you all how talented and sexy I am. Im a glimmering gem in a burlap sack, a sparkling stone under a shag carpet. I am a true Canadian diamond in the rough nasty skin of an old avocado. My super healing powers allow me to metabolize vast amounts of alcohol giving me a huge advantage over other Sams. that Russell the Jugger Muscle. Id let him rip me in half.


ShaneSaw Sam The Lumberman

Sponsored By Total Trac Yukon

Shainsaw Sam the Lumberman has emerged from isolation in the deep forest. He has come to rip it up even though he knows that the beavers will be all over his wood, because that is what a Shainsaw dose.


The Mad Fapper

The Mad Fapper: Cedar and Sage Catering

Throughout the years watching the previous Sourdough Sam competitions I have noticed a certain part missing from the talent me. This city was neglected and deprived of for years. Now I have stepped up, not to be the Sourdough Sam the City wanted but the Sourdough Sam the City Needs.


Wolf Man Sam

Wolf Man Sam:  Sponsored By Phair Books

Man raised by wolf!!!! Once a year the mother becomes a human being named wolfeness, met by her hunter in a field under the emerald lights. The creation of the ultimate Wolf Man Sam takes place, so that he may take his stand in the race to become Sourdough Sam.


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Sourdough Sam Photos by Golddigger Jaz
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