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Canager (Can Can Dance Line Manager)

The Canager is a vital role for the line. This is a volunteer position that deals with all the logistics of the
Can Can line. Costumes, make-up, auditions, volunteer recruitment, transportation, hotel rooms,
waivers, show bookings, schedules and photos are just a few of the responsibilities of the Canager. This
position is the liaison between the YR staff team and the Can Can Line.


Reports To: Executive Director and Board Champ of Can Can Line

Term: The Canager serves a one-year probationary period and then, if the Board Champ and Executive
Director are satisfied with their performance, may be signed on for an additional two years to make a
three-year term. The Canager may serve unlimited terms.


Responsibilities: Ensure the Can Can Line runs smoothly and all volunteers are in place and
appropriately prepared for their roles. Enforce the code of conduct as needed.


Essential Qualifications:
● Above the age of 19;
● Experience in mentorship and leadership;
● Available for rehearsals starting in September and for Rendezvous events in February.


● Aid the Executive Director and Board Champ in choreographer selection.
● Arrange audition times.
● Aid choreographers in auditioning for the Can Can Line.
● Hold auditions and select a Can Can MC.
● Work with the board champ to ensure all spending stays within budget.
● Ensure costume pieces are ordered by Sept 30.
● Regularly update the Follow the Feather social media pages.
● Liaise with the office on Can Can specific merchandise if applicable.
● Secure volunteers to fill Can Can roles of Showrunner, Can Can Van Driver, and Garter Group,
and ensure they are ready for public appearances.
● Assure dancers are ready for trips, if needed.
● Assure all music used is licenced.
● Assure waivers are secured for all Can Can Volunteers.
● Work with the office and board champ to arrange bookings, billings and create a schedule.
● Train Show Runners and work with them to plan all performances.
● Arrange photo opportunities for Can Can Line.
● Meet regularly with the Executive Director and Board Champ to keep them apprised of progress.
● Advise office on new opportunities to expand the visibility and marketability of the Can Can
● Works with Showrunner on scheduling of the Can Can Line.


The Canager is not required to wear a costume but is welcome to at their own expense. A black ruffled
can can skirt may be worn and provided dependent on line costume requirements.

To Apply eMail with the subject "Canager Application"

Download a PDF version of this job description

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