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2022 open snowpad

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The Yukon Rendezvous Open Snowpad is back for the 2022 Festival!  While some of the layout and procedures will once again be a little different this year, we hope you will come out to enjoy all the fun and the excitement that these truly Yukon competitions provide!

Participants will get to come out to the CKRW Snowpad and compete for gold and glory with the Axe Throw presented by Kilrich Building Centres, Chainsaw Chuck presented by ALX Exploration and Mining Supplies and the Log Toss presented by Builders Supplyland and thanks to their generous support, entry for the event is free this year!  At the end of the weekend, the top scores in each competition will win a gold nugget!

Following guidelines from the CMOH we will be limiting the number of volunteers and guests into the Snowpad area and entry may be restricted until existing guests leave the area. There will be a separate area for participants to line up and register to compete.  Please note that masks will be required at all time for participants and vaccine status will be verified for all guests and participants.

The Open Snowpad will be taking place from 12:00pm-3:00pm Saturday February 26th and from 12:00pm-3:00pm Sunday February 27th.  The winners will be announced on social media the following week and the winners will be contacted individually to claim their prizes.

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