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October 1st 2020

Press Release: Festival Update October

With the cooler weather upon us, we are pleased to report that the team at Rendezvous are diligently working on the 2021 festival plans. We understand that 2020 has been challenging for most, and we at Rendezvous are fortunate to have had the support and capacity to continue operating in these unprecedented times.


It can be no secret that our budget has and will continue to take a hit as a direct result of the pandemic, however we are optimistic that we will be able to provide the Yukon Community with something to look forward to in the coming winter. That being said, we want to outline a few differences that you will notice about the 2021 festival as we develop new systems that will allow for a COVID friendly festival.


After much consideration, we have decided that the Quest for the Crown Contest for the 2021 festival will be cancelled in order to allow a fair reign for our current Queen and court. As the contest itself is centered primarily around close public interaction, it also seems prudent during these times to adhere to social distancing recommendations. We believe this is the right decision for all parties involved including sponsors, candidates and the public. We are excited to have our Queen Brenda and her court continue to represent Rendezvous until the advent of the 2022 festival. With raffle tickets being a large portion of this contest, we are happy to announce that tickets are already on sale. They are available at Listers Motor Sports, Java Connection, Murdoch’s Gem Shop, Signature Home (Watersone building), The Claim Cafe, Paradise Alley Gifts, Integra Tire, the Rendezvous Office and online at The Royal Court will also be selling tickets this year.


The Sourdough Sam (Call for the Cup) program will also look a little different this year with no competition. The team hopes to bring together a virtual or hybrid all-star show of Sam’s for the festival season. Stay tuned for details as they develop!


While the Can Can shows may decrease this year, the Follow the Feather crew will maintain its small but mighty force in delivering virtual and in person shows where possible. With no open auditions this year, we are reaching out to former members of the Rendezvous Can Can line to contact us if they are interested in learning a dance to perform with our 2020 line. If you do see the Can Can line out over

winter, we ask that you respect social distancing guidelines by staying 6 feet away from them and to expect a certain level of physical distancing measures to be implemented during the show.


We will continue to update the community as February draws closer on all your favourite events and how things will operate for the upcoming festival. Rendezvous are dedicated to pulling together something for Yukoners to celebrate in February and will be working closely with the CMOH team to develop a safe and responsible event.  We look forward to celebrating with you and combating the cabin fever blues in a fun, local and responsible manner come February 2021!


For more information please contact;

Saskrita Shrestha, Executive Director


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