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Quest for the Crown 2020 Candidate Info

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What is the Quest for the Crown?
The Quest for the Crown (QFTC) is first and foremost, a competition to become the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Society official Ambassador. This competition is also responsible for being the organisations biggest fundraiser! 

Who can participate?
Anyone over the age of 19 and a resident of the Yukon can participate in this competition. The Quest for the Crown is an all-inclusive competition open to all genders.

What is the time commitment?
This is one of the biggest changes we have made to the competition this year! 

There will be no more “Queen School” from November to January, eliminating 9 hours per month of volunteer time. This will be replaced by one group meeting in November, December and January on a day and time that works for your group. These meeting will include an overall check in and see how you’re doing with your competition event preparations. 

What are my responsibilities as a Candidate?
All candidates must attend the Classroom meetings leading up to the Festival, and all scheduled events for the competition., in addition all QFTC Candidates are required to sell Rendezvous Raffle tickets and represent the YSR Society.

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QFTC Competition Platform
As part of the YSR Community Service, QFTC Candidates are required to select a local non-profit or Community Organization to represent as their platform. Are you already involved with a non-profit organization? Are there issues in our City or Territory that are important to you? 

As a QFTC candidate representing your Sponsor and the YSR Society, you have a unique opportunity to speak to the issues that are important to you and to a network of people you may not normally have access to. Seize this opportunity to let our wonderful community know who you are and what is important to you, remember, “The People’s Choice” is voted on strictly by the public!

Do I have to find my own Sponsor?
No! You don’t have to come to us with a sponsor, we can help you with that BUT, if you are part of an organization that you think would be great to be sponsored by, then ask them! See if they are open to the opportunity and we can help fill in the rest!

Where do I get my outfits?
This year we will be providing you with an allowance to purchase or make 2 new outfits to be worn throughout the competition and will become yours to keep. 

How does the Competition work/ How do I win a Crown?
Candidates compete in a predetermined number of events over a specified period and are judged on specific criteria by a panel of judges. In addition to the Competition events, candidates are also scored on their raffle ticket sales, their classroom attendance, assignment completion, and their raffle ticket appointments with the office.

There are 5 crowns and titles awarded each year: Rendezvous Queen or King, 1st Princess or Prince, 2nd Princess or Prince, Miss or Mr Congeniality and People’s Choice. 

The top 3 crowns and titles are decided on based on the candidates scoring throughout the competition. Miss or Mr Congeniality is voted on by the candidates, and the People’s Choice is voted on by the public.

What’s in it for me?
All Candidates will receive a limited edition YSR Shirt with a QFTC Patch, a gift basket valued between $150-$250 and a gold nugget necklace for your time in the competition. All Candidates will also be able to keep their Competition outfits. 
Official Prizes include but are not limited to:


Rendezvous Queen/King: 

- $1000.00 Cash

- Invitation to Commissioners Tea and Ball In Dawson

- All expense paid trip to Old Crow

- Official YSR Ambassador

First Princess/Prince:

- $750.00 Cash


Second Princess/Prince:
- $500.00 Cash


Miss/Mr Congeniality
- $250.00 Cash


People’s Princess/Prince:
- $100.00 Cash

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